The Legacy Foundation

Brothers, the need to raise funds for the future of our Chapter is essential. Our House is desperately in need of repairs, and the rental income generated by 294 Central Ave. is insufficient to adequately maintain the facility.

The Legacy Committee was formed to address this immediate need and proactively plan for our future. Volunteers from each era are being sought to provide the essential leadership required for this exciting initiative.

Current members include:

Brother Brett Channer ’86
Brother Brent Bere ’87
Brother Harry Burkman ’77
Brother Michael Daley ’05

Please read on below for more details about how you can contribute.

Build the Wall

Brick by Brick Campaign

The house has never let us down but now a calamity of repairs is needed urgently.  Many may feel the house logically should be torn down or sold. But this house is not just any house.  294 Central Ave. is a treasure trove of memories where Brothers turn into the men that serve humanity well.  Importantly, it is a sturdy and practical building that, due to grandfathered city zoning, cannot be replaced.

So, like our founders before us, it’s time to step up for our Brothers and the needs of the house.  We are asking for donations, today, right now.

We are looking for 200 men to buy a brick above the Alumni fireplace for a minimum $1,000.  Your name will be permanently marked on a brick in recognition of your generous gift at this crucial time in the Western University chapter’s history.  The alumni board has compiled a list of high-priority repairs to be undertaken immediately and have begun to charter a course that will set the organization up for continued success.

To make your contribution now, there are two convenient options to give:




Payable to – Delta Upsilon Alumni Western
24 Tomlinson Circle
Markham, ON
L3R 9J9

Future Giving Opportunities

Our Chapter will be outlining future giving opportunities for those who are inclined to help.

Further Information will be provided. For details please contact one of our Legacy Foundation Era Champions.